On the streets of Charlotte, North Carolina… for more than a quarter of century… one detective has come to define the Force and ingrained himself in the community like nobody else who wears a badge.  That man is Detective Gary McFadden.  Enemy to some, a savior to more than anyone can remember, he’s become a father figure as well as the literal Godfather to others. He’s a cop you don’t want to cross and a detective who victims know will get you justice no matter what he has to do and when he has to do it. “24-7/365,” he states, “why even fill out a time card? I’m always working.” Simply put, he’s got street cred. In his fine tailored suits and shined leather shoes, the image he projects is unmistakable, and he has the results to back it up. The man has invested his heart and soul in more than 800 cases. “It’s about integrity and the legend that you leave. So when people see me, they don’t call me detective or officer. They say ‘Here comes Homicide.'”

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