At six-foot, five-inches tall, his imposing presence is hard to ignore. His booming but calm voice commands attention and respect. With a spry step and sharp demeanor, he exudes the energy of someone 30 years junior. He is Chief Detective Oscar Vance, Jr. - the man propelled by powerful poise to a now-legendary status as the public face of the Montgomery County, Pennsylvania District Attorney’s Office Detective Unit. THE CHIEF holds the keys to a vault holding the case files of suburban Philadelphia’s most mind-boggling murders - over 800 homicides, which THE CHIEF solved during a 45-year tenure at the helm. During that time, he presided over 52 local police departments, leading and assisting investigations of every single suspicious death since 1971.  In his genre-refining true-crime television series, tentatively titled THE CHIEF, inveterate detective Oscar Vance, Jr. recounts his most compelling cases from almost a half-century of work in exceedingly wealthy, but remarkably diverse Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. Bordering on West Philadelphia and stretching 50 miles northwest, this area of 800,000 residents, commonly known as The Main Line, appears entirely idyllic. But each year the peace is shattered by an average of 30-40 homicides that are fueled by lust, jealousy, and greed.

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