Through Blackfin’s signature cinematic recreation and intimate storytelling, RABID is a documentary featuring three devastating instances of rabies across the world – a high-school volleyball player in Wisconsin, a small village in Brazil infiltrated by vampire bats, and a hyena-terrorized town in Malawi. It’s a popular belief that rabies is under control in America, but a growing number of influential experts disagree. Wild animals are brought into increased contact with humans and their domestic pets through habitat loss. Given the disease’s prevalence in the wild – and the recent discovery of a new ‘super-strain’ of the virus – the threat of rabies returning to pre-1960 levels in America has suddenly become very real. Horrific symptoms can emerge more than a year after being bitten and include: spasms, paralysis, hallucinations, incoherent speech, extreme agitation, anxiety, violent convulsions and finally the telltale foaming at the mouth. RABID will explore why it is that rabies – this virus with the “face of evil” – continues to have such a powerful hold on your psyche?